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Your Toddler's Mind: 18 to 24 Months

Between 18 and 24 months, your child learns more about spatial relationships. First, she sees differences between shapes. She can distinguish a circle from a square. Then she develops the eye hand coordination to fit shapes together. By 24 months, she will be able to put together several large pieces of a simple jigsaw puzzle. And she will be able to fit a specific object into a hole that is the right size and shape.

Memory And Speech

At this age, your child's memory is improving. She can remember a familiar object without seeing it or holding it in her hands. Her vocabulary will also increase. She will be able to follow simple directions. She can identify her body parts and other objects by pointing. She will probably be able to say about 10 words clearly.

How To Stimulate Your Toddler

Read to your child as much as possible. And keep plenty of colorful picture books for her to look at herself. Containers of different sizes, colorful blocks, and a shape-shorting box are also stimulating toys at this age.

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