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Do many pregnant women have lots of vivid dreams about babies?
Q: My wife and I are pregnant with our second child, and almost every night she wakes me up with her vivid dreams about babies. Mostly, she dreams about what the baby will look like or if we will be having twins. Is it normal to have so many dreams about babies or is she too preoccupied with this new pregnancy?
Mike Flemington, NJ
A: Experience from my own pregnancies and from those of my patients suggests that dreams are indeed vivid for many pregnant women. Often dreams can be a way to express excitement and anxiety, and topics may range from thoughts about the new baby’s appearance, concerns about the actual delivery, or fears about complications with the pregnancy. As you already have a child, your wife may be spending less time during the day thinking about the pregnancy and more time focusing on your first child. Nighttime may be a time for her to process thoughts and concerns that haven’t been a primary focus during the day. I think your wife’s dreams are completely normal and are part of her process of preparing for your next child. Dreams often change as pregnancy progresses. You might encourage her to start recording her dreams in a journal she could keep by the bed. This might allow her to start each day reflecting on her thoughts and feelings about being pregnant and having a second child.
Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist