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Valentine's Day Ideas!
Valentine's Day is a great time to let your child know how much you love him (her). You can also help them make something special for the people who are important to them. Here are some easy Valentine's Day projects you and your child can do together:
  • Make your own valentines out of construction paper and doilies. Cut out hearts from red or pink construction paper and glue them onto paper doilies. You can decorate them with stickers, buttons, or glitter. Help your child write a message.
  • Make an "I Love" book. Have your child fold four pieces of construction paper in half. To make hearth-shaped pages, trace a large heart on each piece, with the left side of the heart along the fold. Cut the hearts out so that they open like a book, then line the pages up and punch a hole through them on the left side. Tie them together with a piece of yarn. Let your child draw or cut out pictures of her favorite things to glue on each heart.
  • Make a special box for your child's mementos, such a family photos or letters and cards from Grandma. Your child can decorate her memory box with a collage of pictures from magazines, felt and sequins, and their own drawings.
  • Make heart-shaped cookies with your child, using their favorite cookie recipe. Let them make the hearts with the cookie cutter and put them on the cookie sheet to bake.
  • Make Valentine's Day placemats. Draw a heart and have your child cut it out from a large piece of construction paper. Let her paste a paper, lace doily on each heart. Have her put them on the table for your Valentine's Day dinner.
  • Make heart flowers. Cut out little red hearts from construction paper. Have your child glue them on pipe cleaners to make heart flowers. Put them in a small vase for a Valentine's Day centerpiece
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  • Let your child invite her favorite friend over to make valentines together.
  • Make your child's favorite meal. Tint some of the food pink or red. Or your child could help you cook another family member's favorite meal. Make red Jell-O in the shape of a heart. Decorate with whipped cream and cinnamon hearts.
  • Bring home heart-shaped cupcakes with your child's name on them. To make your own heart-shaped cake, use on eight-inch square layer on one eight-inch round layer. Turn the square layer so that it makes a diamond shape on the platter. Cut the round layer in half. Then place the halves on the top two side of the square to make a heart. Put pink frosting on it!
Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics in Child Development and Education