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Tips to help your child be ready to read and ready to learn
1. Reading to your child every day. Hearing words over and over helps your child become familiar with them.

2. Using sounds, songs, gestures and words that rhyme to help your child learn about language and its many uses.

3. Pointing out the printed words in your home and other places you take your child, such as the grocery store.

4. Taking children's books and writing materials with you whenever you leave home.

5. Creating a quiet, special place in your home for your child to read, write and draw.

6. Setting a good example for your child by reading books, newspapers and magazines.

7. Limiting the amount and type of television you and your child watch. The time and attention you give your child has many benefits beyond success in school.
Kathleen Alfano Ph.D. Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®