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Is wiping baby's teeth with mouth gel as good as brushing?
Q: My 10-month-old daughter hates having her teeth brushed. She will not even open her mouth. How can I get her to open her mouth so I can brush the two new teeth she does have? She does let me put my finger in her mouth with the mouth gel, but is that enough? Thank you.
Michelle Rolling Meadows
A: Dear Michelle,

This is a common situation that many parents face; I had the same problem with one of my sons. If you can get your finger in the back of her mouth, where there are no teeth yet, let your daughter chew on your finger with her gums while you gently brush her teeth. You really should do this after each feeding. I am glad to hear you are using a gel. I hope this gel does not contain fluoride because if children swallow too much fluoride at this age, it may cause staining and unsightly blemishes on her permanent teeth.
Gregory F. George D.D.S.