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If I can’t take prenatal vitamins will my baby’s health be compromised?
Q: Due to serious morning sickness, my obstetrician has taken me off prenatal vitamins until my next appointment. Because I have been throwing up almost every day, I’m scared that I haven’t been getting enough nutrition for my developing baby. I’m starting my seventh week of pregnancy and am concerned that I may have harmed my baby at this important stage.
Amy La Salle
A: I find that many of my patients can’t tolerate prenatal vitamins, especially in their first trimester. I usually suggest trying an over-the-counter vitamin, liquid vitamins or folic acid supplements. In most cases, the patient can take one of these options.

By this point in the pregnancy, the prenatal vitamins you have already taken should have given your baby an extra measure of protection.

You should know that even as you struggle to hold down food and fluids your little one is borrowing nutrients from you. Amazingly, babies does fine despite their mothers’ battles with nausea. I have seen hundreds of women bring healthy babies into the world after having endured months of morning sickness.

You should try your best to hold down fluids, ice chips, Popsicles and soup. Even if you manage to keep them down for just a half-hour, you’ve absorbed some nutrients.

The good news is by the end of the 12th week, you probably will have regained your appetite and normal eating patterns.

Craig L. Bissinger M.D.