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How do I stop my son from pushes, pulls and kicks while breastfeeding?
Q: When I breastfeed, my son starts pushing and pulling and kicking his legs. I know he’s at “the kicking stage,” but it makes it hard to feed him when he squirms. Any ideas?
A: It is common for babies to squirm and kick while they are breastfeeding. It seems to be a natural part of development to contact the world around them while they are feeding. It’s not unlike nursing kittens: they push their paws against their mother, which in turn can increase the flow of milk they receive.

I recommend you find places to feed your baby that allow the baby to kick and push other objects, so you are not directly bothered. I often bring a pillow close by when I feed my daughter to allow her legs to have contact with a soft object. Or, I choose a spot on a couch and allow her to press her legs against the couch arms while feeding. Sometimes, I play with her feet while she feeds, squeezing them gently while she nurses, satisfying her desire for contact. Try to be creative and realise that babies change their behaviour as they grow; while movement may continue, aggressive kicking is likely to simmer down after a while.
Laura E. Stachel M.D. Obstetrician & Gynecologist