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Fear of firecrackers!
Q: My 2-year-old son woke up shaking and crying after hearing firecrackers. I showed him through a window where they were, and now he's afraid to stay in that room alone. We tell him they're gone, but he's become terrified of loud noises. What can we do to make him stay in the TV room alone and not be afraid?
A: Kids this age easily get spooked. Sometimes it's the sound of the toilet flushing. Sometimes it's a bug flying around their head. And sometimes it happens when the bathwater is a little too warm. When these things occur, a toddler overreacts and for weeks or months will not get into the tub or will become hysterical when a bug flies by.

Time almost always cures this problem. Kids just have to outgrow this stage. In the meantime, be supportive and caring, and reassure him that he's safe. You're on the right track.

I am concerned that you want your son alone in the TV room. Generally, 2-year-olds don't like being alone. They're also not good at entertaining themselves. You may be expecting too much from your son. I strongly recommend that you lower your expectations of how much time he can spend alone. I also recommend that you arrange things so that while your son is in the TV room he can see you and you can see him. Kids this young need constant supervision.
Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist