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Is it bad for my baby to have several different caretakers?
Q: I have different babysitters for my 6-month old baby. My husband watches the baby Mondays and Tuesdays, my mum is the caretaker Wednesdays and Thursdays and a daycare centre is in charge Fridays. Is this healthy for my baby? Should I take Fridays off from work?
Lynda Los Angeles
A: Once you introduce daycare into the mix, your baby is being exposed to too many different caretakers. You are extremely important to your baby, and you end up only spending two days a week with him (or her). With this arrangement you cheat yourself out of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and deprive your baby of your love and nurturance.

Therefore, my advice is to take your infant out of daycare. Once you take Fridays off you will be spending three days a week with your baby, plus evenings. I think this is a far healthier arrangement.

Young parents have been misled into thinking they can “have it all.” As an experienced father, grandfather and child psychologist, I’d like to amend that: you can have it all, but not all at once. Right now your baby is your priority. Rearrange your work schedule to have the most time with your baby. You will never regret this decision.

In my practice I have talked with many women who never made their babies a priority. You cannot imagine the guilt and regret they have because they weren’t there for their children while they were growing up. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best with your baby.

Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist