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Any suggestions for handling head banging?
Q: My 14-month-old son is usually easy-going, but he bangs his head when he doesn't get his way (on the floor, wall, furniture, whatever is nearby.) Any suggestions on how to handle this behaviour? I'm a single mum—my husband died when he was 5 months old—and he's an only child.
Kelly Buffalo
A: Head-banging is normal for this age, but it always upsets parents. This is one of those quirky things little kids do that they outgrow. Your child’s head-banging isn’t from the result of not having a dad and/or because you are a single mum. Some kids just do this when they are frustrated, and toddlers are forever having temperamental outbursts.

You might try placing a cushion or a pillow under his head when he gets upset. Or you might just pick him up and place him on a soft mattress or in a playpen where there is a soft pad. Try and do this, though, with as little excitement as possible—any negative attention will only inspire a child of this age to go on and on in an effort to get your attention. So ignore the head-banging, but go to your child and pick him up the mument it stops. In this way, you are giving him attention the mument he gains control. I know the head-banging is upsetting, but it will disappear just as suddenly as it appeared.
Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist