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Am I letting my toddler watch too much TV?
Q: My 2½-year-old son likes to watch movies more than playing with his toys. As soon as we get home he’s looking for a movie. He will watch one after the other. Is this OK or am I doing him an injustice by letting it happen?
Angelia Columbus, GA
A: There are many great videos out today for children. But as you have noticed, TV watching can become addictive. Children need to interact with their parents and have alone time for imaginative play. So I wouldn’t put in video after video for your son. Two hours is enough. That gives your son plenty of time to do all the things a boys his age needs to do. By the way, Fisher-Price’s web site can give you all sorts of play ideas for your son. And don’t forget to read to him!
Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist