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After two hurricanes in our area, my kids can’t sleep!
Q: We had two hurricanes in our area in three weeks. Now my children are having a difficult time going to sleep on their own and are waking up nearly every night. My 4-year-old son has bad dreams and my 3-year-old daughter cries in her sleep. How should we handle this?
Janet Tampa
A: Your children’s sleep problems will gradually subside. You can help them by being patient and supportive when they’re upset. Calmly assure them that all the hurricanes are far away and that they’re safe. You probably can find a picture book about weather for your children to look at with you. From it they’ll learn about storms and what people can do to be safe.

I can’t stress enough that your attitude, as well as your husband’s, is very important. If you frequently talk about the hurricanes and show your own anxiety about them, your children will not calm down. If you show them that they’re coping, they’ll become more at ease over the next few months.
Kenneth N. Condrell Ph.D Child Psychologist