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Maintaining a Mellow Mood with Your Baby
In a perfect world, your new baby would have come with a user manual. Who wouldn’t want one of those when the little one’s on a crying jag that just won't quit? If the routine diaper change and burping won’t calm him or her down, here are a few extra soothing steps you can try to reestablish a mellow mood.

Keep them cozy. Newborns are used to the snug quarters of mom’s belly, and the newfound liberation of their arms can faze them a little. Toting them around in a cozy baby carrier can be both comforting for them and a great way for you to go about your daily business.

Keep them busy. The noise and visual stimulation of a floor gym might be just the thing to distract your baby from a cranky mood. Many gyms have plenty of bells and whistles to keep baby really busy.

Be on the move. Babies love to keep it moving — but mom and dad's sleep deprivation isn't always conducive to constant cruising. When your stroller arms start to get tired, or you simply have stuff to do, a cozy bouncer or swing is a great, hands-free way to keep a baby meltdown at bay.

Pass them off. Sometimes the only thing that will placate your baby is letting somebody else soothe them for a few minutes. Let a friend or family member hold your little bambino for a bit. At the very least, this gives you some time to regroup and relax!
Viv Schaffel