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Divide and Conquer Your Diaper Bag
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When juggling two diaper-clad kids of different ages, the idea of keeping essentials at the ready can seem crazy. But it can be done with just a little time and preparation. Here’s how to build a better system for your bag.

Compartmentalize. All diaper bags have pockets galore. Think hard about how often you reach for each item. Work from the outside in, using the zip-close outside pockets for those small items you need in a snap, like keys or pacifiers. Wide inside pockets work well for diapers and wipes. The inside lining’s zip pocket is perfect for discreet wallet stashing.

Memorize. Assign each kid a side and commit it to memory — newborn stuff on one side, big kid stuff on the other. Sleep deprivation can make a parent fuzzy, so grab a marker and piece of masking tape and mark whatever you can with each kid’s name. This way, you won’t find yourself fumbling with a newborn diaper on your toddler.

Maintain. When your bag is shipshape, it's key to keep it that way. Take five to replenish stuff and toss those nasty half-eaten snack bags. A weekly once-over with a non-toxic disinfectant wipe should knock out any lingering, questionable smells.
Viv Schaffel