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What's In a Name?
The task of bestowing upon another human one word they will be associated with forever: daunting — especially for the indecisive types who change smartphone cases by the hour. But worry not! Plenty of people have struggled with naming their kids and most make beautiful choices, despite the rigors of the exercise.

Find out how some new – and not-so-new – parents stumbled upon the perfect names for their children.

"Adeline" - Angela, mother of 23-year-old Adeline, said she decided on her daughter's name years before she knew where babies even came from. In fact, Angela said her older sister frequently reminds her that she was in love with the name Addie since she was about five years old: "It's always the name she chose for her dolls," she said. And 25 years later, Angela stuck with it.

"Dillon" - Mike, father of five-year-old Dillon, said his son's name came to him just days before his wife gave birth. Still undecided, he began combing through his DVD collection for some inspiration. When he came to "There's Something About Mary," actor Matt Dillon's name caught his eye. It was as simple as that. We can all be thankful that Mike didn't own "Thor" at the time.

"Jack” - Janette says she and her husband solicited the help of their six-year-old son, Pete, when deciding what to name his younger brother. Pete's best friend was named Jack, so that's what he recommended, and it stuck.

"Whitney" - Miriam claims she was browsing the popular website StumbleUpon when she came across a photo of Whitney Houston. She went into labor minutes later and took it as a sign.

"Sam" - Joan's high school crush was named Sam, so, naturally, that was the obvious choice — and a fun anecdote at the high school reunion.

Sometimes the easiest way to decide on a baby name is to just find out what best suits you. Whether classic or new, a family name or the name of your favorite movie star, the options are plenty. Whatever your strategy may be, you’ll stumble on the perfect name eventually.
Luke Kelly-Clyne