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To Birthday or Not To Birthday
Hooray for you! You’ve survived baby’s first eleven months. Sleeping through the night, transitioning to solids, crawling – all milestones which you’re taking full credit for. You deserve a celebration. Coincidentally, your child’s first birthday is coming up – sounds like the right time to throw a party.

Do you or don’t you throw your child a first birthday party? And how big do you go with it? Let’s be real; the guest of honor won’t remember it. There’s the expense and effort to consider. But ultimately, a child’s first birthday is a very special occasion, and – admit it – you want the photos of those chubby little hands plunging into the cake icing.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should throw your child a first birthday party.

Depending on how you look at it, you’ve either: A) enjoyed the gracious hospitality of friends and family at ten other kiddie parties in the past year; or B) suffered through the chaos and cacophony at ten other kiddie parties in the past year. Regardless, it’s your turn to reciprocate.

This is your chance to shine. If you like to throw a party, and you actually dream up party themes in your spare time, here’s your chance to go whole hog. We kept it relatively simple with my son’s party: plates, napkins, red balloons and streamers, party favor bags, and a cake topper.

My friend, on the other hand, attended a Snow White party that lives on in legend in local Mommy & Me playgroups. The parents booked a pavilion in a densely wooded state park and catered a German buffet as well as kid-friendly food. The entertainment included rides on ponies dressed as royal steeds, a magician costumed as Maleficent, a bouncy castle, and bobbing for apples. There were costumes of all the Disney characters available, so every guest could dress up for the pre-cake parade. They even put apple-scented hand soap in the bathrooms.

Thinking of all the hours required to throw that shindig makes me sleepy. I believe that a child’s first birthday party is a must. But I also think it can be small and simple, yet still festive and memorable. Just don’t skimp on the frosting.
Traci Suppa