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10 Crafts You Can Make with a Big Cardboard Box

Give old boxes new life by turning them into awesome toys


What is it about a big cardboard box that inspires hours of play? Maybe it's all the possibility. There's so much fun packed into these impressive, yet easy projects.

1. Drive-In Movie Theater

A sturdy box and colorful duct tape add up to cozy seating for movie night at home, complete with space for resting snacks. (Via Not Just a Housewife )

2. Box Car

This speedy project will have your mini motorist racing in a custom-made car you can design together. (Via Emilia Keriene )

3. Airplane

This effortless faux-flying craft will turn any imaginative explorer into an ace aviator.(Via Repeat Crafter Me )

4. Elevator 

Up the ante on playtime with a retro-looking elevator sporting cushiony push buttons for tactile fun and numbers your preschooler can count. (Via Repeat Crafter Me)

5. Garage 

Build a multi-level garage with ramps and parking spots for easy motoring, plus compartments that'll house your car connoisseur's collection when he's done. (Via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)

6. Train Tracks

Construct a contained tiny town with a drawn-in railroad and cardboard tube tunnels for traveling between city and countryside. (Via The Imagination Tree)

7. Oven

Food prep is always more fun in a play kitchen, and this one even has a storage drawer where you can stash all of those toy pots and pans between imaginary meals. (Via 2 Little Faces)

8. Camper

Convert a plain brown box into a streamlined vintage-inspired camper that looks ready to hit the road and serves as a great showpiece in your child's room. (Via The Merrythought)

9. Cabin

A so-simple cabin in the woods with sweet painted-on bunnies and polka dots. (Via Ukkonooa)

10. Playhouses

Teamwork at its best: You construct the townhouse structure and your kiddos help decorate the façade. (Via A Beautiful Mess)