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Having Fun Together

6 Ways to Prove the Easter Bunny Exists

Sneaky ideas to keep the Easter magic going


Got a kid asking one too many questions about how the Easter Bunny hides eggs and leaves candy? These smart ideas can prove the E.B. is for real, just like Santa.

1. Take photos.  Seeing is believing-so show your kid a snap of the Easter Bunny in your living room. Upload a photo to Capture the Magic, choose your Easter Bunny option, and download your final pic ($1.99 per photo). Psst....it works for Santa, too.  

2. Record a video. While photos are great proof, you can also show your kids this video footage-or make your own!    

3. Have a healthy snack. Take a page out of Santa's book and leave a note for the Easter Bunny the night before along with his favorite snacks-carrots. Be sure to nibble a few before Easter morning.  

4. Follow his path.  The Easter Bunny Tracker lets you keep tabs on the Easter Bunny's whereabouts starting the day before Easter, just as his work of delivering eggs and candy to kids around the world gets going.    

5. Leave a trail.  Plant clues that the Easter Bunny was in your house, like a few tufts of cotton on the couch, "paw prints" on the floor, or, for those who love potty humor-jellybean "poop" in the toilet.  

6. Invent an Easter "elf." Missing the way the Elf on the Shelf gets your kids to behave around the holidays? Create an Easter Bunny version with a stuffed bunny you move each night and tell your kids he's going to report back to the big guy about their behavior. Problem solved.