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Having Fun Together

How to Throw a Unicorn First Birthday Party!

Make your baby's first birthday party magical with these easy ideas


From DIY headbands to a rainbow cake, celebrate your baby's first (or 2nd or 3rd!) birthday with these gorgeous party ideas.

Unicorn Party Invitations

Download these dreamy DIY unicorn invitations and print at home or at a local print shop. Add sparkle with metallic pink or white envelopes and let the party planning begin.

Rainbow Cake

To make this beautiful (and easy!) cake, use two boxes of white cake mix to create four even bowls of cake batter. Tint each bowl a different color and bake in 8"-round cake pans. When cool, use a serrated knife to level each layer, so they will stack evenly after you frost between the layers and around the outside of the cake.

Pile extra frosting on the top, using a spatula to create fluffy "cloud" peaks. Pipe a border of blue frosting around the base. Decorate the cake top with star sprinkles and use shaped marshmallows (these are from a box of cereal!) to make a heart and rainbow border around the middle. For the finishing touch, download our Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper , attach it to clear straws, and insert into the cake.

Rainbow Pasta + Star Puffs

Food coloring is all it takes to make plain spaghetti party-ready. Divide a pound of cooked pasta into four zip-top plastic bags; add 3 tablespoons of water and food coloring to each bag. Seal and shake the bags until the noodles are well-coated. Let sit for 10 minutes, then use a colander to rinse the noodles with cold water, one color at a time. Store each color separately until ready to serve.

Before serving, toss all noodles together with butter. Serve with star puffs made with puff pastry sheets, a star-shaped cookie cutter, and (for sparkle!) edible gold stars.

DIY Unicorn Headbands

Sugar cones are the secret to making these easy headbands. Here's what you'll need:

● sugar cones

● inexpensive headbands, like the sparkly ones here

● adhesive foam glitter sheets (found in craft stores)

● printable Unicorn Horn Template

● pencil

● scissors

● multicolor yarn

● hot glue gun

1. Trace the Unicorn Horn Template onto the back of a foam glitter sheet and cut it out.

2. Peel the paper backing off of the cut-out so that the adhesive is exposed. Lay a sugar cone in the center of the foam cut-out, directly onto the adhesive, and wrap the foam around until the cone is completely covered. If necessary, use scissors to trim off any excess foam around the base of the horn.

3. Next, trace and cut a circle of foam glitter for the bottom of the horn, using the rim of the horn as your template. Peel the paper backing off of the foam circle and place it on the underside of a headband, sticky-side up. Place the unicorn horn on top of the circle and stick the 2 pieces together, sandwiching the headband in between them. Use small dabs of hot glue near the headband to further secure the horn.

4. Wrap multicolor yarn around the horn at a diagonal angle. Secure the yarn at the top and bottom with hot glue. Add a pretty fabric flower or other special details to the birthday girl's headband to make it stand out!

Horn Treats

Sugar cones + colored melting candy + rainbow sprinkles = edible unicorn horns! Melt the candy according to the directions on the bag, paint one to two coats on each sugar cone, depending on how deep you want the color. Add sprinkles to the cones while they're still wet and let dry for 20 minutes. Store finished cones in the refrigerator until just before the party.

Magical Unicorn Punch

Blue ice cream and rainbow star sprinkles add the magic to this easy punch.


● 1 gallon store-bought blue punch, chilled
● 2 liters lemon-lime soda, chilled
● 2 containers blue birthday cake ice cream (3 quarts total)
● 1 container pink/orange sherbet (1.5 quarts)


1. Combine the blue punch and 2 liters of lemon-lime soda.
2. Float the ice cream and sherbert scoops on top of the punch.
3. Serve immediately with colorful cups and glittery straws.

Tissue Tassel Garland

Add a splash of color with pastel rainbow tissue tassel garlands. Make them from scratch using tissue paper, or go the semi-DIY route with a custom color garland kit, where the tassel sheets are pre-cut in the colors of your choice. For added sparkle, hot glue bands of gold ribbon around the loops at the top.

Sparkly Number "1"

To make this glittering birthday number (which works as a centerpiece or party decor, along with a decorative pinata), start with a wooden number "1" (available at craft stores) and a small round wood circle for the base. Spray paint both pieces metallic gold, then glitter the "1" using a spray adhesive and fine craft glitter. Hot glue the finished glittery number to the wooden base. If making several to use as centerpieces, consider using different colors of glitter for each number.