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Having Fun Together

DIY Sock Rocket

Lost sock? Here's our favorite use for the one you still have!


The project takes craft time to new heights!

Birthday hat
Plastic bubble from toy vending machine
Hot glue gun
Water bottle
Color craft paper
Lids from bottle and jar
Black marker
Glue stick

1. Cut off bottom of the water bottle.
2. Create the rocket's window by tracing the bottle cap lid with a marker.
3. Cut out.
4. Reinsert the bottle's bottom, upside-down. Secure with hot glue.
5. Pull the sock over the bottle.
6. Cut out material where the hole is and secure edges with hot glue.
7. Cut off the top of the birthday hat. Use hot glue to secure it to the top of the water bottle.
8. Cut short strip from the craft paper and then cut them diagonally.
9. Attach paper strips to the bottom of the bottle to create the rocket's legs.
10. Using the leftover craft paper, glue a section to the foil and then trace the jar lid. Trace the bottle cap lid on top of that and cut out.
11. Glue the paper ring to the edge of the rocket's window.
12. Create a helmet for your toy explorer using the plastic bubble—and get ready for lift off!