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Having Fun Together

9 Easter Treats Kids Will Love

These easy DIY Easter treats are almost too cute to eat (almost!)


Get egg-cited for Easter with these crazy-cute and easy-to-make Easter treats for kids. (There are even some healthy options!)

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes

Top frosted cupcakes with chocolate candies, yogurt-covered pretzels for the wings-and thin green candy for antennae. So easy! (Via Thrifty Jinxy )

Rainbow Cereal Treats

The secret to the pretty pastel hues in these sweet snacks? Melted sugared marshmallow bunnies! (Via Yellow Bliss Road )

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Kids can add chocolate egg candies to the top of a batch of sugar cookies for this season-worthy sweet. (Via A Pretty Life )

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry "Carrots"

Turn a fruit into a veggie by dipping strawberries into orange candy melts. Serve as is, on top of chocolate pudding finished with chocolate cookie "dirt." (Via Lil Luna )

Sprinkle Cookie Whoopie Pies

Bake cake-mix cookies with rainbow nonpareil sprinkles and then use icing in neon colors to make these bright whoopie pies. (Via Fun-Squared )

Bunny Pears

Slice a pear in half and add mini marshmallows and jelly beans to create this fruity bunny. (Via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons )

Marshmallow Rainbow Bars

Add vanilla and marshmallow to rainbow cereal and white chocolate chips, and you'll have a tray full of sweet treats in about ten minutes. (Via The 36th Avenue )

Bird's Nest No-Bake Easter Cookies

Nestle jellybeans in the middle of these cookies made with butterscotch chips, creamy peanut butter, and, the main ingredient, store-bought crispy lo mein noodles. (Via Today's Creative Life )

Healthy Easter Egg Popsicles

Mix together yogurt and your bunny's favorite fruit, like raspberries or blueberries, for a delicious (and healthy!) treat on a stick. (Via Eats Amazing )