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Family Matters

Top 20 Ways to Make Mornings Easier

Streamline your get-out-the-door time with these proven tips from moms


From getting kids to daycare or preschool, making breakfast, and the seemingly ever-present challenge of locating that one missing shoe, there's often a lot going on in the morning. We asked you for your best tips for making mornings easier. Here's what works:

1. "I make pancakes and French toast in bulk and freeze it. Just pop them in the microwave or toaster. I also get the kids' morning drinks ready and put them in the fridge. So when they ask, it's all ready to go!" -Rylie

2. "I have a checklist of morning tasks that I put inside a cheap dollar store frame. I have my daughter mark off the tasks with a dry erase pen on the glass." -Sara

3. "I use totes containing storage bags labeled with each day of week. Each bag includes a full outfit with underwear and socks. I do the whole week on Sundays. They wake up in the morning and go straight to the tote and grab their outfit for the day. It makes our mornings more organized and less chaotic." -Caroline

4. "My husband and I wake up and work out together. We include our little one, and he loves laughing and smiling at us through it. When we are done, he's ready to eat and take his first nap. I guess watching us work out makes him tired!" -Kimberly

5. "Take a few minutes to look decent and get your hair out of that bun and maybe even a little makeup, and you will feel so much more productive." -Melissa

6. "I highly recommend waking at least an hour before the kids so you have time to organize your day, get yourself ready, and have coffee before it's time to be on!"-Stephie

7. "Each child has their own cubby and hook for their coat, shoes/boots and backpack, which helps with organization." -Cindy

8. "Get enough sleep the night before. I know that seems like common sense or duh advice, but I am guilty of staying up later than need be (TV binge-watching). When I get to bed early, I can wake up earlier than the kids and have coffee in peace, mentally prepare myself for the day, and have more patience. Seriously, go to bed early." -Beatrice

9. "Let your toddler pick their outfit. Seriously, this saves so many fights and meltdowns." -Katie

10. "ALWAYS make sure you know where everyone's shoes are before bed. We are constantly late because of shoes. Now I put them by the door. It saves us at least 5 or 10 minutes most mornings." -Krystal

11. "I don't get my little guy fully dressed until after breakfast, because goodness knows there will be oatmeal/milk/other assorted foods all over his clothes. While it sounds like common sense, it took some back and forth before I stuck to that routine!" -Ashley

12. "We start our mornings before homeschooling both kids by cuddling in PJs on the couch (while Mommy drinks coffee), talking about their dreams the night before and the game plan for the day. This sets us up for success!" -Elin

13. "Don't hit snooze. Just don't do it!" -Jessica

14. "Make a game out of getting dressed if you have a stubborn toddler. Set a timer and say, 'We have to be dressed before the timer goes off!,' and make up ridiculous things that will happen if you don't. 'Elephants will eat your breakfast!'" -Leslie

15. "Put your child to bed with love. No yelling! Then wake them up with love. Snuggle and make it so that they are ready to start a brand new day! Enjoy this time in your life. Your attitude will be theirs." -Rosie

16. "Routine, routine, routine! We do everything in the same order every morning. When my husband is off, he doesn't follow the routine and sure enough: Chaos! Tantrums! And barely making it out the door on time." -Amy

17. "I pretend my daughter is a pancake every morning. I flip her over, pretend to put butter and syrup on her, and tickle her when I gobble her up. Doing this starts our morning off with her being happy instead jumping out of bed to put clothes on and possibly being grumpy." -Skyler

18. "A checklist is our sanity saver, for the kids and for me. They have some control over their morning, and I'm not constantly telling them what to do over and over. For the Littles, a picture graph is great!" -Jillian

19. "I typically put out two shirts for my son so he can "choose" what to wear. Helps prevent a fight when he hates what I picked." -Jennifer

20. "Honestly, it is as simple as making a cup of coffee first before anything else!" -Leah