Meet Our New Creative Director

It’s never too early to develop a baby’s sense of style. That’s why Fisher-Price® has partnered with iconic potter, designer, and author Jonathan Adler. Together we’re creating an elevated baby collection for today’s families.


See his creative vision for Fisher-Price®

“Fisher-Price is an iconic company, and I’ve loved every second of working with them. It has been such a pleasure adding some of my favorite colors, patterns, and design elements to a new canvas.” - Jonathan Adler

Why We’re Good Together

We’re coming together with an influential designer to marry his modern design with our expertise in early childhood development. The result is products that are not only beautiful to look at, but highly functional and deeply enriching.

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Fun, Bright, High-Contrast Colors

While clean, white space, and simplicity are key to our visual identity, so is adding pops of bright color to our products for a result that’s simply joyful. It’s this high-contrast combination that we know babies love, and our use of on-trend colors that appeals to parents’ sense of style.


Modern Design and Signature Prints

The perfect blend of irreverence and pop happens here. Bold geometric prints and patterns bring modernity to our signature Fisher-Price brand in a classically chic way. The prints are fashionable and contemporary, while providing a visual connection to our brand.

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Meet the Friendly New Faces!

Thorough research (and equal amounts of experience) confirms that children respond well to faces. Animals represent how families share nurturing care, conversation, and pure fun. These fresh new faces are sure to be a friendly addition to any family!

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