The Next Generation of Play

Cutting-edge technology has never been this cute

Meet Smart Toy®- an interactive learning friend with all the brains of a computer, without the screen. When your child talks, their furry friend listens and adapts to figure out their favorite activities, and invites play, talk and movement through real conversations. Smart Toy® actually recognizes their voice! He also recognizes his Smart Cards (each Smart Toy® comes with nine Smart Cards and a cute little backpack to store them in). Show him a Smart Card, and Smart Toy® will see it and know what your child wants to do—make up a story, play a game, go on an adventure and more! You’ll love that Smart Toy® encourages social-emotional development, imagination and creativity. And thanks to unlimited Wi-Fi content updates through the app, Smart Toy® and your child will enjoy endless hours of fun together.

Pretty smart, huh?

Smart Toy® In Action

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Download the Smart Toy® app to your smartphone and unlock unlimited Wi-Fi content updates. So every day there will be new and exciting adventures for Smart Toy® and your child! You’ll also be able to direct Smart Toy® remotely and encourage your child to complete daily activities like teeth-brushing and getting ready for bed through fun and entertaining games.

Which Smart Toy® Do You Want to Take Home?


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Want to Learn More About Smart Toy®?

Every day there’s something new for your child and Smart Toy® to do together. Keep checking back for updates and new discoveries about Smart Toy®, Smart Cards and the App. Together, your child and Smart Toy® will have never ending fun!