Nest Your Nursery: Quick Tips on Organizing

By Scott Neumyer

Shared by Teprena
One thing that's certain about having a baby is that you're going to be tired. Very tired. And with that sleepiness, even the simplest tasks can sometimes seem daunting. That's why it's important to make sure your home and nursery are well organized and laid out. Having a plan of action and strong layout will ensure that you know exactly where the important items are at all times.

It's all about the flow. What can you do to make your journey from the bedroom or living room into your baby's nursery more efficient? Cramped for storage space in the nursery? Reclaim that closet near the nursery for all of your baby items. That way, if you need some extra wipes, diapers, or blankets, you only have to travel a few extra steps to grab them.

A few key pieces in the nursery can make all the difference:

Fully stocked changing table. If you have a changing table, make sure it's fully stocked at all times with everything you might need while your baby is lying there waiting for a diaper change. Diapers? Check! Wipes? Check! Diaper rash cream? Check! If everything is in immediate reach, your life will be a lot easier!

Small lamp. Deep in the middle of the night, when your baby wakes up crying, you don't always want to click on the nursery's main light. It's too harsh for the baby and for a sleep-deprived parent. Have a small lamp next to the changing table or rocking chair that provides just enough illumination so you'll be able to see what you need during those late night feedings and diaper changes.

Everything in its place. Storage bins are not only great throughout the home, but they're amazing for the nursery. Keep similar items together to ensure that you'll find what you need when you need it. You can even label the bins — bath items, toys, books, etc. — to make your search a breeze every time.
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