Summertime with a Baby

By Viv Schaffel

Shared by Alexandra
Ahhhh … summer! Outside parties, beach trips, and BBQs – what's not to love? Whatever hijinks you may have gotten up to in your former life, your first summer with baby in tow can present a few logistical challenges, but that doesn't have to cramp your style. All you'll need to make the most of the season is a few supplies, core strength for toting said supplies, and your already well-honed powers of endurance. Here's how to navigate your favorite summer scenario with your new plus-one.

Outdoor Parties. There’s nothing like good friends and great weather —and with enough preparation, you and baby can enjoy both. The setting will dictate exactly which supplies you’ll need. The playmat that works like a charm for a park party won’t be appropriate for a poolside gathering—for that one, you’ll need a wearable carrier or some upper body strength and a willingness to pass your little one to a few pairs of trusted, outstretched arms. Wherever the party happens, remember sunscreen for both of you—and weather-appropriate clothes, so baby can stay cool a little longer.

Beach Bonanza. The beach is my favorite place on earth, but my children—as babies—felt very differently. They both found sand highly offensive to their feet. But being the hardcore beach bum that I am, I would not be deterred in converting them to my ways. A small baby tent was my lifesaver. It gave my kids a sand-free place with shade for play and naps. When they napped, I could read a magazine from cover to cover in peace. Eventually, they got over their sand issues and today, I'm proud to report they're as into the beach as I am!

Backyard BBQ. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and your favorite extended family members. Believe it or not, you can still crash your favorite BBQ. Everyone is sure to clamor for a cuddle, but remember—your baby, your rules. Even if the backyard in question is a leafy Eden, consider a pop-up stroller shade to keep your baby out of the sun – and a stroller toy to help keep him cheerful while you attack the chips and dip.
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