What Do You Mean ''When's My Due Date?''

By Viv Schaffel

Shared by Jessica
Every post-baby belly is different. Some women snap back into shape instantly, as if the whole gestation thing was but a dream. Others hang on to their newfound girth for a while.

At a whopping 5'1'', I was one of those girth-y folks. It took a while for my skin and organs to overcome the shock of losing a tenant, and they seemed intent on leaving enough space for it to return.

That said, I had to wear maternity clothes after having my kids. For a while. Elastic waistbands are a functional wonder while the baby's still on the inside, but a raging fashion faux pas when baby's on the outside. Luckily, tunics were all the rage and I wore them constantly.

Of course, those who've never had a baby situation happening assume only pregnant people wear maternity clothing.

"Didn't you have that baby already?" asked one neighbor, before noticing my husband a few paces behind with the stroller.

"No," I replied, a little caustically. "We just borrowed this kid to do a dry run."

For a month or two after having each of my kids, people would ask when I was due and it wore on me. It's unnerving to realize that even after the baby, your belly is still considered public property. It's not like I could grow five inches to spread my new extraneous skin.

In the face of these due date inquiries, I tried to sublimate my frustration with sarcasm, but eventually decided blunt honesty was far more effective.

I'd look the asker square in the eye and say flatly that I'd had the baby a month ago. Watching them backpedal was awesome.

"Oh! Well, you look GREAT," they'd say.

I'd think, "No, I don't, because if I did, you wouldn't have asked when my due date was."

Eventually, I gave up my ego and took these questions in stride. So your body doesn't snap back seconds after having a kid – SO WHAT? The thing to remember is you just made a person. As in a human being. It should be considered a feat of strength, because it is.

And remember, anyone who performs a feat of strength is entitled to respect – and recovery time.
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