Fun Outside With Your Baby

By Dawn Papandrea

Shared by Nicki
A sure way to go stir crazy is to spend your days holed up at home because you’re under the impression that your little one is not old enough to enjoy outdoor activities. As long as you've got the OK from your pediatrician and you're vigilant about protecting him from the elements, you should try venturing out. A change of scenery will be great for both of you!

Here are some adventures that are affordable, fun, and entertaining for your baby.

Visit your old stomping grounds. If you used to be a regular on the walking trails, hiking routes, or beachside walkways in your area, it’s time to head back. Take that quality baby carrier out of its packaging and put it to good use. Talk to your baby during your trek, and point out the beauties of nature, airplanes overhead, or furry friends who are also out for a stroll.

Picnic in the grass. As long as you can deal with a little dirt—hey, that's what baby wipes are for—you’ll get a kick out of baby’s reaction to sitting or crawling on grass for the first time. Open up a large blanket under a shady tree, bring along a couple of toys, and let her enjoy nature’s giant playmat!

Animal adventures. If you have a nearby zoo or aquarium, or if you know of a park area that’s home to some ducks, it’s never too soon to plan a day trip with your infant. He’ll light up when he meets some furry, fuzzy, and fishy new friends.

It’s all about the bubbles. Who knows what it is about bubbles that are so fascinating to tiny and big kids alike, but whatever works, right? Always have bubbles on hand for when you’re out running errands on foot, or hanging around the outdoor activities of older siblings.

Splashing and digging. If your baby thinks bathtime is a blast, she’ll love getting wet in a baby pool. For cruisers who can stand while holding on, water tables can bring endless amounts of fun on hot days. And don’t forget about sandboxes or an afternoon at the beach – the perfect introduction to a very strange, but cool new texture!

Once you start to feel more comfortable and confident bringing your baby outdoors, you'll have so many new ways to spend your day. Happy trails!
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