Are Your Arms Tired?

By Dawn Papandrea

Who doesn’t love holding her little munchkin? It helps baby feel safe and comfortable, and she’s often just too adorable to put down. But every now and then, your arms get tired. Sometimes, you need both hands free to get through your list of a million to-dos. Here’s how to give you and your little one some “me” time, minus the tears:

Get baby to tune into some tunes. Music can have a soothing effect on all of us, babies included! If he starts to cry when you place him down for some shuteye, before you scoop him right back up — and you end up holding him for the duration of his nap — try playing a lullaby or two.

Encourage some exploration. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery or position to engage your infant, and capture his attention. Try placing him on an activity gym, or get in some tummy time on a comfortable and safe surface. You’ll want to stay close by, but it can be a great time to sneak in some quick items on your to-do list.

Take mini breaks. Especially when your child is tiny, you may not be comfortable being apart for too long, but take your relatives and friends up on their offers to help out, even if it’s so you can take a long shower or go for a stroller-free walk. It will also help your baby get used to new faces for when you have to be away for longer periods of time, or if you’ll soon be returning to work after maternity leave.

Get swingin’. For many babies, being rocked is the most peaceful part of their day. The good news is that, thanks to the different motion options in swings, you don’t have to be solely responsible for all that rockin’. The attached toys and musical accompaniment help, too!

When all else fails, carry on. Keeping your baby close to you may be the only thing that ensures a tear-free day, which is why a good quality baby carrier might become your best friend. It’ll free up your hands, but still keep your cutie snuggled up close to your heart.
Our parenting advice is given as suggestions only. We recommend you also consult your healthcare provider, and urge you to contact them immediately if your question is urgent or about a medical condition.