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My toddler won't stay in his car seat
Q: I need help keeping my 27-month-old son in his car seat. We purchased a new chest clip that he can't undo, but he still gets out. He will slide the chest clip to the bottom and slip out both arms. I pull over every time I hear him start to get out. By the time I re-buckle him and get into my seat, he's out again. I have tried keeping him busy by singing, giving him books and toys and asking him constant questions. I'm really afraid for his safety. Do you know of any product that will prevent him from pushing the clip down (I have a five-point system) or any other method I may have missed?
A: Your son probably doesn’t like being restrained in one place for long periods of time. And from your description, you have tried a variety of distractions to keep him busy while he’s in his car seat. However, for his safety, he needs to stay buckled up. Make sure his seat is as comfortable as possible for him—that it’s not hot or scratchy, for example. Talk to him about how important it is that he remains in his car seat while you’re driving. As far as I know—and I checked with Fisher-Price®’s car seat experts to be sure--there isn’t a product that will prevent your son from pushing the clip down. Therefore, try your best to convince him that he must stay in it.
Kathleen Alfano Ph.D. Director of Child Research at Fisher-Price®