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Is it unsafe to take baths when pregnant?
Q: My mum told me that it’s unsafe safe to take a bath in the third trimester of pregnancy. However, bathing helps ease my aches and pains.
Craig L. Bissinger, M.D.
A: Bathing, as well as swimming, is safe during pregnancy. The idea that it’s not is an old wives’ tale.

I suspect that this myth has been propagated because people might think that it’s harder to determine if a woman’s bag of water is leaking if she’s in a bath. From my experience, however, this has never been a problem. The amniotic sac keeps on dripping and is much warmer than bath water. If there is any doubt, a phone call to the doctor can answer the question.

The other myth is that a baby will not be able to breathe if the woman is in a bathtub. I mention to my misguided patients that the baby lives in a water environment and utilizes the umbilical cord to supply oxygen. A bath will do absolutely nothing to harm the baby.