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Is it OK to take a long car trip at the end of pregnancy?
Q: Can I take a long car drive this summer to visit my family? I will be 30 weeks pregnant.
A: From a medical point of view, you can certainly take a trip. Just get out of the car every few hours and walk around. This will reduce your chances of getting a blood clot in your leg (phlebitis).

However, I’m not a big fan of women traveling in the third trimester. There is no evidence supporting my feeling, just years of experience. My worry stems from those rare, pregnancy-related complications that strike unforeseen. If you are on the road, far removed from hospitals and doctors able to handle obstetrical complications, you’re not in a great place if a problem arises.

If you choose to drive, make sure you head into well-traveled areas with appropriate hospitals along the way. Personally, I’d prefer that you fly. At least you will get to your destination quickly while knowing the plane can always land in a city en route.