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Halfway through pregnancy I have gained just 5 pounds
Q: I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have gained only 5 pounds. I was sick early in the pregnancy and lost 6 pounds. I’m not sure if my weight gain is going to be enough for my baby. I was 40 pounds overweight before my pregnancy. Should I be worried?
A: It’s generally recommended that women gain between 20 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. However, those who are overweight prior to pregnancy don’t have to follow these guidelines. They can have perfectly healthy babies without gaining even a pound. For the significantly underweight woman, the story is different. She should be encouraged to gain weight while pregnant.

Your first trimester weight loss is common. You noted that you have gained a total of 6 pounds; in reality you have gained 11 pounds since you reached your lowest point.

The most critical issue is to eat while you’re pregnant. Eating balanced meals and nutritious snacks should provide enough nutrients for your baby to grow into a healthy newborn. So continue to eat cautiously and look forward to a healthy baby.