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Can I hurt my baby by lifting heavy objects?
Q: Every time I try to lift something, my husband or his family start telling me I’m hurting the baby. Are they right?
Craig L. Bissinger, M.D.
A: Pregnancy tends to make you more susceptible to back injuries. Many of my patients notice a change in the way they stand during pregnancy. They tend to lean backward to compensate for their growing stomach. They also have loose ligaments, which can shift with extra weight.

These physical changes make it important for you to lift properly in order to avoid a back injury. Don’t try to lift too much weight. You don’t have to prove you’re a superwoman by trying to pick up something that’s too heavy for you. If you’re lifting an object, especially a heavy one, always squat down and use your legs. While carrying an object, keep it close to your body to reduce back strain. You want to avoid twisting your waist to move objects as well.

By taking precautions you can keep lifting the same amount of weight you did prior to getting pregnant.

Thank your husband and his family for their concern. If they really want to help you, they can get in line after the baby’s born!