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Are highlights safe during pregnancy?
Q: I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy and desperately want to highlight my hair. My hairdresser says it’s OK, but I am not sure. What should I do?
A: Highlighting one’s hair is perfectly fine throughout pregnancy. There is almost no connection between the highlighting solution and the scalp. Hair will not transmit any of the solution into the bloodstream, so you’re safe.

For those who wish to dye their hair, I’d recommend waiting until the second trimester before having this procedure done. There is no data on the safety of any of these products. If you plan to dye, I’d suggest using a vegetable-based dye.
For those readers who might have dyed their hair in the first trimester or used a different hair-colouring agent, I’m sure your baby will do fine. Obviously, it’s hard for a physician to make a recommendation when there are no scientific findings on the issue.