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Decorating Baby's Room
When you're decorating the nursery, keep in mind that baby's vision won't be fully developed until about one year of age. For a newborn, the high contrast of black and white objects tends to hold attention the longest. By the third month, your baby will begin looking for things that are farther away—across the room, for example. Your baby can't see in colour until four months, and nothing over a foot away is in focus, but baby gravitates to primary shades. To get an idea of what baby is seeing, squint and look around the room. Notice how much easier it is to discern anything black, white, or red, and how pastel shades wash out. Stark patterns are also easier to see than subtle ones.

As baby's colour vision continues to mature, all the colours of the rainbow will gradually come into view. So you might consider choosing a vibrant theme for the nursery. Mobiles are popular with babies because they dangle and move in intriguing circular motions. Your little one will contemplate the mobile, wondering whether the object in motion is alive, and soon, whether it's moving because baby is making it move! Attach other toys to the side of the cot for baby to stare at and eventually reach for; there are stuffed toys that can wrap around cot railings, for example. A plastic cot mirror will pique baby's interest as early as the second or third month.

A melody-making cot toy is sure to please. You can also place a music box somewhere in baby's room—by the second month your baby will look toward the sound. And don't forget that you're the best music maker of all: sing to your baby often!

One of the most pleasing areas to arrange is the spot where you'll do most of your breast- or bottlefeeding. Many parents purchase a solid wooden rocking chair that sits in their room or baby's room. Other parents put their feeding accessories in a basket near the couch or a comfy armchair. Putting a phone near the feeding spot will also be convenient.