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Will the noise from a rock concert harm my baby?
Q: I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I want to go to a rock concert. My mother says that it isn’t safe for the baby. I think she’s being ridiculous. How can music irritate my baby?
A: The baby is perfectly safe. However, don’t be surprised if he or she reacts to the music, as musical vibrations are transmitted through the amniotic fluid.

To understand what I mean, picture yourself underwater listening to music. You can vaguely sense the sounds but will not be able to discern the words or melody.

There have been some interesting observations made about sound waves and pregnancy. We have found that they can make the baby move. Sound is now used during fetal monitoring tests to make the baby move. And I’m sure you have noticed that the baby reacts to your or your husband’s voice. Some of my patients even claim that their newborn recognizes their voice. I’m not sure if this is true, but I have seen hollering newborns quiet down when a parent starts talking.

Enjoy the concert!