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Now that I’m pregnant, why do I feel dizzy?
Q: I’m only nine weeks pregnant, but every time I lie down I feel like I’m dizzy and I’m falling. Also, my ears are popping. Is this common, and what can I do to alleviate these symptoms?
A: You’re descoting some very common symptoms of pregnancy. A sensation of dizziness, feeling like you’re falling and your ears popping all stem from an increase in the amount of fluid circulating in your body while pregnant—a 40 percent increase in total.

You may also notice that you’re thirstier now, too. This is your body’s clever way of increasing the amount of fluid available in your circulatory system. Fluid is necessary to transport red blood cells and nutrients throughout the body. Because you’re feeding another person now you need more fluid.

So, how does this cause your symptoms? Mucous membranes become congested with extra fluid. In the ears, this can lead to pressure building up on the Eustachian tubes and trigger your symptoms.

You may want to ask your doctor about options to reduce these symptoms. I tell my patients to consider using antihistamines for a short time to see if they help relieve their symptom. Women with certain medical or obstetrical conditions may not be candidates for antihistamine treatment, however.