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Why does my stepdaughter's mom allow soda?
Q: My 4-year-old stepdaughter wakes up crying with leg cramps. Her urine is bright yellow and smells bad and she constantly has yeast infections. Her mother, who's overweight and has diabetes, lets her have as much soda as she wants. Her father and I take it from her and tell her it gives her cramps, and that she needs to drink more water. But when she goes back, her mother says we were lying and that ice in soda is all the water she needs.

She lets her kids eat a box of cereal a night among the three of them. Please give me information to give to her mother. It's almost like she wants her kids to be overweight. The parents are divorced and the mother is angry and uses the kids against their father.
A: Actually, while much of this girl's problems are related to her nutritional intake, the real problem is the damage inflicted on this child by an angry parent who's using food as a weapon. The bright yellow urine with the strong odor is often associated with dehydration or a lack of fluids, and dehydration can cause muscle cramping. The chronic yeast infections could also be a sign of diabetes. Just from what you're saying, it sounds like this little girl is not being fed properly when in her mother's care. I strongly suggest her father obtain medical help as soon as possible. This child is in serious need of a physician's intervention.