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When is the best time to take my prenatal vitamins?
Q: What is the best time of day to take my prenatal vitamins? I’ve tried taking them in the morning when I first wake up so that I don’t forget to take them, but then my stomach is upset and I feel nauseated. I’m not sure if I have to take them with food or not. What do you suggest?
A: Dear Lindsay,

Most prenatal vitamins come with a recommendation to take them on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, many of my patients experience nausea when they take their vitamins this way. I suggest taking them with meals or right before bedtime.

Lindsay, why don’t you ask your doctor if you can try a different vitamin? Most obstetricians have a closet filled with vitamin samples. You may be surprised how differently each vitamin reacts with your stomach—do your own taste test and pick the best one.