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My baby falls asleep during feedings!
Q: My 6-week-old daughter falls asleep during feedings. She has no problem eating, but when I burp her she falls asleep. I put her to bed, but she wakes up 20 minutes later wanting to eat. Can you give me advice?
A: You don’t indicate whether you’re breastfeeding or giving formula Melissa, so I’ll answer for both scenarios.

It is normal for a breastfed baby to fall asleep between breasts because mum is warm and comfy and smells good. We call this phenomenon “dinner-dessert.” She falls asleep after her dinner—the first breast—and wakes later for her dessert—the second!

If you are bottling, it’s possible her tummy is full and, like all of us, she wants a nap after she eats. She may also be waking because she needs to burp again, or she needs a nappy change. At 6 weeks, most babies take 4 to 5 ounces at a feed. You can usually tell if she’s still hungry by looking at her hands. If they’re open and relaxed, she’s probably not still hungry. As long as she’s growing and wetting often, this is probably just her personal pattern for now. She will become more alert as she gets older.