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Can I continue playing tennis while pregnant?
Q: I have been playing tennis three times a week throughout my pregnancy. I’m now 32 weeks along and my husband wants me to stop playing. Is there a good medical reason for me to quit?
A: I can’t think of a reason for you to stop. This is a non-contact sport where you can control your level of exertion. In addition, you have been playing tennis for the entire pregnancy and have conditioned yourself properly.

Physical fitness and activity should be encouraged during pregnancy. Patients who are active and exercise seem to have fewer backaches, feel better and have an easier labor.

I suggest to my patients that they continue exercising during pregnancy, keeping their pulse below 140 beats a minute. Those who aren’t big exercisers should consider walking, biking or swimming. Non-exercisers shouldn’t start working out too intensely, or engaging in contact sports such as rugby, football or karate during pregnancy. Sports that can lead to trauma to the uterus, or that pose a risk of its participants falling are a poor choice for any pregnant woman.

There are always certain patients who shouldn’t exercise at all. These include women with high-risk pregnancies or other medical conditions. Check with your physician to make sure your exercise regimen is appropriate.