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Is my 5-year-old's diet varied enough?
Q: Our 5-year-old son eats only yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches grilled cheese, toast, pancakes, nuggets and french fries. He eats no fruits or vegetables. What do we do? He does seem to gain weight, and the doctors don't seem to be worried.
Sandy Jeffersonville
A: Sandy, believe it or not, your son is eating a pretty wide variety of foods for a 5 year old! Try adding applesauce or juices when preparing the oatmeal or pancakes, spread 100 percent fruit spreads on the toast, offer baked sweet potato fries and make chicken fingers using boneless chicken breast to improve the nutrient content of your son's diet.

Fruits and vegetables are interchangeable, so if you can start with fruit, which most kids prefer, you've won half the battle. Many children like raisins at this age and there's a whole range of dried fruits available on the market that can be put into muffins, pancakes and cookies.