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Is it unusual for children to be obsessed with inanimate objects?
Q: Is it unusual for a 2½-year-old to become obsessed with inanimate objects? My little boy is obsessed primarily with vacuum cleaners, but also with umbrellas. Whenever we go somewhere, the first thing he does is look for the vacuum cleaner—in fact, he knows stores by what colour their vacuum cleaner is. He hugs and kisses the vacuum cleaner, and when you ask him who he loves, he says, "I love vac." Will this pass? This has been going on for more than nine months.
Carolanne Thomasville
A: I have seen youngsters become fascinated with trucks or fire engines or certain inanimate objects like you are descoting; it is not all that common, but it happens. I think this will most likely pass in a few months. As long as you feel your little boy is receiving enough love and attention from the both of you, you can assume this is something he will outgrow.