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Is it normal for kids to kiss during pretend play?
Q: Is it normal for little girls to kiss when playing princess games? My 7-year-old likes to take turns being the prince or princess and kiss other playmates. This makes my husband go nuts. I assure him it's normal. What do you think?
Theresa Dayton
A: I'm not sure why your husband is reacting to your daughter kissing her playmates while she's playing. Why don't you ask him? If he's concerned that there are sexual overtones to her behavior, please reassure him that kids kissing kids of the same sex at this age is normal and does not cause sexual identity problems.

That being said, I can understand if there's concern that her behavior is a bit much. Why don't you suggest to your daughter that kissing on the lips is for adults and that kissing on the cheek is for children? I think you can gently steer your daughter's behavior in this way. You can also inform her that a lot of children her age don't like being kissed on the lips.