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What’s a good age for the first haircut?
Q: At what age can you begin to cut a little boy's hair? My toddler is 15 months old and his hair is wild!
A: You can cut a child’s hair at any age, but different cultures have different customs. Don’t be afraid to cut his hair because of some superstitions you may have heard: that cutting a baby’s hair before 1 year of age can cause his hair to fall out, make him go blind … or maybe other things as well. Be assured that these are only superstitions and are not true—millions of people have cut their babies’ hair without any bad consequences.

At 15 months of age, your son may or may not cooperate easily with a haircut. You can try cutting his hair yourself or take him to a professional. Some parents find it easy to cut their babies’ hair when they’re seated in a high chair playing with toys on the tray. Other parents find it easier to cut their babies’ hair when they’re sleeping.

You will probably notice that your baby looks a little more like a big boy after his first haircut. Here’s one superstition you may want to follow: save a clipping of his hair from his first haircut for good luck (and sweet memories)!
Karen Sokal-Gutierrez M.D., M.P.H. Pediatrician