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In what order do baby's teeth emerge?
Q: In what order do infant's teeth arrive and are there any names for them? I know which ones are the "Eye Teeth," but someone mentioned "Stomach Teeth" and I am curious about what they are. My 19-month-old has all of his teeth except for his two-year molars. Will he get those at exactly age 2?
A: I can give you some guidelines as to when teeth erupt, but remember, everybody is different. The averages for the 20 baby teeth are as follows: first incisors (front teeth) at about 6 months; second incisors (second front teeth) at about 7 to 12 months; first molars, about 12 months; eye teeth or canines, around 18 months; and second molars, around 24-36 months. And to let you know why eye teeth are called eye teeth, it's because they line up with the eyes!