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I want a baby, but I’m terrified of childbirth
Q: My husband and I feel the time is right to have a baby. However, every time I talk about labor, I feel shortness of breath. I always have been afraid of hospitals and dying because my mother died when I was 9. I know I would be panicky for the whole nine months. Any advice would be appreciated.
Joanne Armagh
A: Your problem is far too complex for me to help you in this question-and-answer format. You need to speak with a psychologist in person. Psychologists have a technique called cognitive therapy that helps people manage their fears. I suggest you ask your gynecologist to recommend a psychologist to you.

It has been my experience that woman with childbirth fears also may suffer from a condition called a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which means they have other fears that impact their life. This is something you should discuss with the psychologist.