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What should we say to embarrassing questions from people who think we’re too old to be new parents?
Q: My husband and I are older (biological) parents of a beautiful 17-month-old daughter. What are some quick comebacks to embarrassing questions like: “Is that your baby?” “Is that your grandchild?” “Whose baby is that?”
Denise Nokesville
A: It helps, Denise, to have some ready-made statements for people when they ask questions that may be too personal or embarrassing. The responses should be polite and not offensive. Here are some ideas:

Is that your baby?
“Yes, she is our baby and we are so blessed to have her.”

Is that your grandchild?
“Believe it or not, she’s our baby and we are thrilled to be parents.”

Whose baby is that?
Respond with a laugh and say, “She’s all mine and it’s awesome.”

I think you have the idea, Denise. You can customise these suggestions and make up some of your own. However, I suggest you and your husband work on your feelings of embarrassment. When you find the answer to why you and your husband are embarrassed by these questions, you will feel so comfortable talking with people.