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How do we get baby to sleep when traveling?
Q: We travel out of town a lot, and my 19-month-old son won't sleep anywhere but his own bed. When we were at a motel recently, I brought his blanket and stuffed animal, but nothing worked—and no one got any sleep. How can I help him feel comfortable to sleep other places?
A: Some 19-month-old children are very fussy, Jennifer. You my have to stop traveling with your son for a few months and try again when he's 2 or 2½. Most children outgrow this need to have things exactly like they are at home in order to sleep.

Another approach you can take is to purchase a portable crib. I'm sure you're familiar with these combination beds/playpens. Borrow one from a friend or buy one and start having your son not only play in it, but also take naps in it. Then, when you need to travel, take it along with you to the motel. Don't forget to bring his pillow, his favorite blanket and his favorite stuffed animal.